Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Schedule Your Small Group Training Today!

Have fun, get fit, sweat, meet goals and become a better you with customized small group private training!

How is Group X at Fitness For Success different?

1. Works like one-on-one personal training where every group member will be initially consulted on an individual basis where goals, health history/evaluation and aspirations will be reviewed so your trainer can customize his/her training methods for you.

2. The class size is 3-6 people, which will give the trainer the ability to customize each exercise to accommodate each person, and their specific needs. This is the ultimate benefit of a small class.

3. You won't get lost in the crowd, your small group will cheer you on, your trainer will push you and because of the small group setting your safety will be as important as your goals you are trying to achieve.

4. Want interval training mixed with balance training? Want speed and agility training mixed with power lifting? We can do that!

The small group atmosphere gives the trainer the opportunity to create ever changing and motivating styles of exercise so each session is different and fun. Your group chooses the style and we will make it happen!

12 Session packages available to use as often as your group desires.

Gather some friends, coworkers or even family to schedule your free Group X intro session today!